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You Were There

by Kill Lincoln

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released October 8, 2011


all rights reserved



Kill Lincoln Washington D.C., D.C.



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Track Name: Get Fucked Four Eyes
So I packed up years of denial
And I drove 3,000 miles
Left my home, my fair weather friends
Things I thought I'd never see again
But you keep reminding me
Of things I'll never be
Fuck two years of my memory
You're not who I want to be

I've been here long enough and I think that I've got things all figured out
Don't want to stay here, I don't want to be here, everything's fucking changing anyway
and if this is the last time i talk to you, if this is really it
I'm glad I've got the microphone and that you don't give a shit
because when I think of the time I wasted, I feel fucking sick.
I'm getting out

No I'm not going down like this
Think of all the inspiration I could miss
and whenever I remember all the thigns from last december I'll remember why I quit
I know its hard, thats why I cant get by - at least I try
and everything after that moment
you said it, I own it
so get fucked and leave on your own

Where you are - I don't fucking care.
I've got my friends and they've got me
still got a home and family
well I'm running low on alcohol and advil just the same
and I'm getting kind of glad that i forgot to say your name
Because in the end i can't get over stupid fucking games.


I know its hard
thats why i can get by
at least i try
everything after the moment, you said that i own it
so get fucked and leave on your own
Track Name: Clark Gable
Saw him on the corner of 7th and prospect
His money gone but a crime on his conscience
Nobody knew how his life was so altered
Never saw it coming until the day that he faltered
Even today (even today)
You hear him say
“I never thought this would happen to me
But this is the way it has to be”

In a city of contradiction
In a system thats built on fiction
No one is safe from the power of hate
To destroy what you make
As we take another hit to the face

In a cardboard box he gathers his thoughts as he thinks of the day that it went down
Was it money or greed, or a child to feed, no one knows when you’re coming from this town
You never know (clark gable y’all)
How it will go
When he took his life he made up his mind
He’d rather live alone than with any of their kind

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