Good Riddance to Good Advice

by Kill Lincoln

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Available on 3/3/15 from Jump Start Records


released March 3, 2015





Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Marty MacAlister in Mclean VA,

Mastered by Dan Coutant  at Sun Room Audio 

Artwork by Ryan Troy Ford,

Special thanks to:
Ryan Ford, Gu Pagliarani and Boardroom Heroes, CJ Uy, Steve Jackson and The Pietasters, Nolan Sarno, Jeremy and Kevin at Jump Start, The Best Of The Worst, Aggro Or Die, Waste Basket, Still Alive, The A-OKS, No Such Noise, Booze Riot, BraceFace, The Evokatones, Melon Farmers, Murphy’s Kids, Enemy Insects, Collapser, Walk The Plank, Aspiga, Tom Chichilla, Mike Crapanzano and the Ska Revival Tour crew, all of our families especially Mr. and Mrs. MacAlister for letting us fill their house with trashy horn music, our significant others for their support and not complaining about us “recording” for a year, all of our Kickstarter backers, everyone who's helped us with a show or a place to sleep, our incredible DC and Baltimore friends, The Black Cat, The Rock & Roll Hotel, Sheila, Shamrock Shakes, Riff Raff, Sheetz.



all rights reserved


Kill Lincoln Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Good Riddance to Good Advice
I'm trying man I really am
Summer's up, it's 4am
And the lights are dim again
and I'm sick of waiting
and taking bad advice
through the lens of blood shot eyes
and all the smelling salts and compromise couldn't hold me back from saying my goodbyes
Never compromised

Say goodbye
to the starting line and thinking twice
say goodnight
and god riddance to all your good advice
and I'm not asking for someone to hold my hand
and growing up, that's just not part of the plan

I'm getting out I'm getting up
I never know when I've had enough
I'll bottom out so bottom's up
and it's all too much
I'm burning up my lungs
belting out my stupid songs
drawing blanks on all my right or wrongs
I can't believe it, I never thought it'd take this long

I'll never shut my mouth
I'll never figure it out
I'm fucking up and falling down
I'll never turn it around
I'm never catching breaks
Always making mistakes
I'm at the end of my rope, and I bend and I break
but I know that I'll be better off fucking it up and sleeping it off
and I'm never playing it safe, because then I know that things will never change

Say goodbye
to the ego death and party lines
the parking lot
the suit and tie
to living lies and leaving alibis
And I'm not asking for someone to hold my hand
I guess it's not part of the plan

I'm saying my goodbyes
and "wouldn't it be nice"
goodbye to all your good advice
Track Name: Days I Spent Inside
I'm giving away all the things that made me stay
the mediocrity and a life that's too concrete
You know me, bent on complacency
I've had it up to here with a life that's filled with fear
so here's to better years

Wasted hours, they turn into weeks
I'm wasting my time and I'm slurring my speech
It's all true, I'm hiding my bruises
I'm burning out and making excuses
familiar bar, familiar job
familiar reasons I forgot to let you know
it's time to go

I'm giving away all the things that made me stay
the mediocrity and the life concrete
and the hopeless goals I won't complete
You know me, bent on complacency
I've had it up to here with a life that's filled with fear
so here's to better years

The city spings and I'm stuck on the ground
it's tough to stomach and I can't hold it down
my vision is hazy
I'm bored and I'm lazy
It's more than a maybe
and it's driving me crazy
do I give this one more shot
is this everything I've got
Oh no - we'll never know

It seems like every night I'm running out of time
I can't forgive myself for the days I spent inside
killing time is killing me
it's harder than it used to be
is there a happy end to the blood and sweat?
I guess we'll wait and see

and it's all clear
if patience doesn't sell, you might as well do this for yourself - no one else.
Track Name: Fire Starter
You're sorry for none of the crimes that you commit
I caught you red handed and I'm sick of your shit
I don't respect you at all

You're sorry for nothing but you expect apologies from me that you won't get

Why don't you choke on your words

I hope this lights a fire under you
Track Name: $8 Beer Night
I'm scared to death of being useless
so hold my head and hold my pen
write a song they won't forget and get me through this

I'm scared to death that I might care a little bit
that I might actually give a shit about the things I said
and canvas that I wasted

I know that something's wrong
we've known it all along

we're trading time for what we mean
instead of trading lies for calm and rationality
not used to this, not used to me
not used to getting used for what it is I really need

I'm sick and tired of wasting time on little screens
forgetting what it really means to be a fucking human being
now I'm desensitized, anesthetized, to wrong and right and black and white
and I'll never get it right
I know I'll never get the words out fucking right

and all the sick shit that you see
on barricades on city streets
and on the faces on tv
it's fucking burning up, and I just can't let it be